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If you are looking for a secure network that connects multiple devices within your home, look no further than home networking solutions from Fuzelogic. We provide wired and wireless installations that bring reliable internet and fast connectivity to your home devices. Based in Staines-upon-Thames, our home network experts specialise in home networking for domestic customers throughout Surrey, Berkshire and the surrounding areas – including Egham and Windsor. We also consider other locations upon request.


Contact us on 07825 261499 for a free quote and to speak to our experienced electricians. We come highly recommended by domestic customers in the local area and further afield. As NICEIC electricians and smart home specialists, we ensure all of the high-speed electronic communications networks that we work on meet Part R Building Regulations.

Home Networking in Staines

Home Networking Specialist


In today’s technology-oriented world, the internet is part of every-day life and most of us want to be able to connect more than one devices to our home network. Strong home networking solutions can help us in our daily lives, whether it’s through using wireless (Wi-Fi), wired (Ethernet) or powerline (electrical cabling) connections. At Fuzelogic, we can help you stay connected, enhance connectivity and install new home networks. Our solutions are tailored to your needs by experts with extensive knowledge in modern network systems.


Our specialists in Staines-upon-Thames supply and install the latest home network cabling, CAT5, CAT6 and Ethernet cables for domestic customers in the South East. From installing a single network cable for a PC at a flat in Egham to designing a completely new home network plan at a house in Windsor, we have the expertise to install cabling and wireless solutions that connect all your devices to the internet – including SMART home systems.


Some of the key home networking services we offer include:


Smart Network Cabling


Network cabling is essential to a modern home. With smart cabling, you can connect devices in every room so that audio and visual services can be accessed wherever you are in your home. If you want specific network cabling for a certain room, such as the kitchen, this is also something we can do. Our electrical contractors have a proven track record for delivering well-planned structured cabling systems that improve functionality in the home.


Home Office Set-Up


Setting up a home-office? Fuzelogic will provide everything you need to build a strong home-office network and internet connection. We can put in specific network cabling so that you don’t have to share bandwidth with the rest of the house when take business calls and work online. Not only does this allow you to work faster but also increases your security. We have experience installing hidden CAT5 to CAT6 network cabling that gives a fast and reliable connection to your network, whilst keeping your office smart and tidy.


Call Fuzelogic now to discuss your home networking requirements and we can have an expert visit your property today. Based in Staines-upon-Thames, we travel to nearby locations like Egham and Windsor but are equally happy serving customers further afield.

Benefits of Home Networking


There are many benefits to connecting your whole home to the internet to create a strong home network:


  • Ability to manage security and passwords from one system enhances home security
  • A connected system makes it easier and quicker to share files between devices
  • Important data can be saved on a network storage server or different computer
  • Multiple family members can access the internet simultaneously across your home
  • Smart home technology such as Nest can be supported to enhance everyday living


Call Fuzelogic today on 07825 261499, to find out more about our home networking services. We serve Staines-upon-Thames and the surrounding areas.

Home Networking in Staines
Home Networking in Staines
Home Networking in Staines